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Our range of Ice Cream Cones will suit all tastes and pockets, whilst offering superb presentation and excellent portion control. Edible Packaging - How Green is that..!

Ice-Cream Cones "for the Connoisseur".

Manufactured to the highest possible standards since 1912

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Wafers & Goblets Ice Cream Cone Retail Packs Stands Posters & Ice Cream Scoops Edible Cups & Canopies

So where did Ice Cream Cones come from?

Most people think of the cone or cornet as the traditional way of eating ice cream and until recently it was claimed in the United States to be an American invention dating from the 1904 St Louis World Fair.

Recent research
(by Robin Weir Co-author of 'Ices the definitive guide') has shown that the ice cream cone was an English invention. Although the cone itself can be traced back hundreds of years, the first recording of cones being used for serving ice cream was in 1888 in Mrs Marshall's Cookery Book. Prior to that ice cream was either licked out of a small glass known as a penny lick or taken away wrapped in waxed paper referred to as a hokey pokey (hokey pokey is supposed to have come from the Italian 'ecco un poco' 'here is a little'). An American government official said in 1969 that “The ice cream cone is the only ecologically sound package known. It is the perfect package.”

Reproduced Courtesy of

Robin Weir Co-author of 'Ices - The Definitive Guide'

Copyright © 2008, Ice Cream Alliance. All Rights Reserved.

Please take note that these products are very fragile.

We take every precaution to ensure these products are delivered to you in the condition in which they left the factory. However, inevitably damage does occur.

When you take delivery, please pay special attention to the condition, and that items on a pallet are as per the delivery notes. Please check that there is no physical

damage to the boxes or pallet protection. We strongly recommend that you open each box and inspect the contents before signing for your delivery.
If there is any visible damage it must be noted on the delivery notes and ask the driver to counter sign.
If you have a camera, a picture speaks a 1000 words.
Any damage or shortfall MUST be written on the delivery notes. If delivery notes are signed clean (i.e no reference to damage or short) or signed "unchecked" regrettably no claim can be made.

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